Life Lesson from a Candlestick

Yesterday, a beautiful set of candlesticks caught my eye. There were four multi-coloured doves of peace on the tray.  Who says a dove of peace has to be white?  The candlesticks were stunning as they echoed the delicate colour scheme of the handmade tray.  On each candlestick was imprinted a sacred Hebrew word.  Breathtakingly Beautiful! So I bought the set.

I had a great intention for Friday night and the candlesticks were to play a central role.  It would be a time of lighting the candles, saying blessings, prayer/meditation, relaxation, reading of uplifting words and, of course, nourishing food.

For a few hours, I can honestly say that I was successful in creating a safe space for myself. Peace within my inner self mirrored the peace of my external home.  Candles were burning brightly.  All was well in my world. Peace. Sublime Quietness. Safety.

And then…

Shortly before midnight, I was abruptly jarred from my meditative state by what sounded like a gun shot!  An explosion had occurred on my kitchen table!!!!  Almost half of one candlestick had broken apart and flew across the table.

I was extremely grateful that I was sitting away from the kitchen table as I may have been hit by flying glass. Yet my anxiety still skyrocketed!  Why?

Perhaps it was the bang of the exploding candlestick that reminded me of the deafening noise accompanying the first impact of the transport trailer truck with my Honda Civic; it was a too-close-for-comfort reminder of my accident. Or perhaps it was the visual of the candlestick now in slightly charred pieces; it once had stood so beautiful and proud.

Whatever the reason, for most of the night, I lay in bed with sheets pulled up to my chin, stomach feeling like it was in my throat and my EYES WIDE OPEN….

Today, I am aware of one indisputable fact: This candlestick set was handmade.  Yes, it was created by a human.  And like all things human, it is not perfect.  There can be cracks below the surface, unseen to the human eye until, well, until something explodes!

Dear friends, I think we are all aware of the cracks in humanity as things have literally exploded around us.  You only need to watch the news or any form of social media to be aware of this.  The suffering of humanity at the hands of humanity is truly heartbreaking.   One could certainly wonder if the beauty of humanity has exploded like my candlestick?

Yet, here is the life lesson that I learned from my handcrafted candlestick set:  Even though part of it exploded, the “tray of peace” featuring my multi-coloured doves brilliantly survived.  Peace had survived; I just had to acknowledge it.   And what about the light?  I have plenty of candles at home, so it is up to me, in spite of everything, to take action and reignite the light, not just for me but for all humanity.

Redefinition #19:

Just for the moment, let me look beyond the “noise” of humanity and focus upon peace and light.  And so it is.


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