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Look Beyond

I am more than a number on a pain scale.  I am more than a list of symptoms in a medical file.  I am the embodiment of empowerment, faith and perseverance.

Each day, I consciously choose to look life in the eyes and dance with it.   There are some moments when life and I are in sync, moving ever-so-softly to the rhythm–1,2,3, 1-2-3–okay I got this 1,2,3.  Sometimes, though, I am the clumsy dance partner tripping over my own feet.  And then there are times when it feels like life is stepping on my toes (Ouch, please get off my toes! Don’t you know I’m trying to perform a graceful dance-of-life waltz here?!.)

This past week was anything but graceful.  Pain levels were so elevated that I had to pray myself out of bed.  Putting on clothes and brushing my hair were difficult tasks to perform. Yet, through my personal faith in God, the support of my family, a series of chiropractic adjustments (which, for me, are more effective than any pain-killer), as well as a multitude of self-care, psychological and pain management strategies,  I am arising from the ashes and continue to look beyond my external circumstances.

I like the words, “look beyond”, because it implies that you are clear about your present not-so-ideal circumstances.  There is no hiding or putting your head in the sand.  There is no denial.  Instead, there is great vision for the future, which starts by the present-based action of “looking beyond”.

Look Beyond

Look beyond the dark clouds, Look beyond the gray,

Set your eyes upon sunshine and you will find your way.

Look beyond the drama, Look beyond the fear,

Set your eyes upon miracles and cling to values you hold dear.

Look beyond the chaos, Look beyond your tears,

Set your eyes upon connections and those people you hold dear.

Look beyond the struggles, Look beyond the pain,

Set your eyes upon the peaceful horizon and release the rain.

Look beyond the questions, Look beyond the why,

Set your eyes to the future, there’s no need to cry.

Look beyond the sorrows, look beyond the pain,

Around you is great mercy and a reason to live again.


Redefinition #11:

Just for the moment, I choose to look beyond.




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