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The Myth Of Being Stuck

When I was a teenager, a friend took me to the country to learn how to drive.  He had a standard car.  It was my first time using the clutch pedal and shifting gears.  Well, I started off fine.  Then I stalled on a hill.  I got it started again, stalled and then rolled back down the hill.  Repeat…. After many attempts, my friend jumped out of the car and beckoned me to join him at the back of his Jeep.  My many attempts at driving up that one hill had created 2 giant ruts in the road.  It seemed that I was stuck.  My driving lesson was over.

Challenging situations…Accidents…Illness…Things that seem not to move or go away no matter how hard you try to push up and over the hill.  These are the “ruts” in the road of life.  This feeling of being stuck is part of the human experience and, if anything, it means that you are still alive in spite of your present circumstances.

For the past two months, I have been in deep contemplation.  Yes, I have been thinking about the meaning of my own life.  Who am I? Who is this person staring back at me in the mirror?  I must confess that there are times when I feel impatient with myself for not recovering fast enough from one traumatic event.  It is so easy to get discouraged and feel stuck in a rut.  On one level, it is like I am back on that country road spinning my wheels and going nowhere.

What I have realized though is that while “feeling stuck” is part of the human experience,  “being stuck” doesn’t really exist.  It is a human myth. It all depends on how you define “movement” itself.  If you only look at the world through your five senses, yes, different things at different times appear to be stuck.  Yet, what about the intangible qualities of life?  Mindset is always fluid; you can choose which thoughts to have rolling around in your head and gently, without judgement, discard the rest.  Most importantly, there is continual movement in each moment based simply on the quality of the relationship with yourself.  Yes, YOU are your own movement.  In this very second, how are you treating yourself?

Redefinition #10

Just for the moment, I point my compass away from the perception of the rut in my outer world.  Instead, I move closer to my inner world and what it truly means to be me.

Artwork Credit: Thank you to Lisa Sharpe for the beautiful header.